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Protein Bullet Shot
  • 42 grams of pure ISOLATE Protein
  • 2300% rdv of
    Vitamin B12
  • For Lap Band and Gastric Bypass
  • ZERO Fat /
    ZERO Carbs 
  • 134 calories
  • Doctor recommended

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"Protein Bullet is the best protein that’s come across my desk since I began performing Bariatric surgeries. My patients cannot get enough of it, and love the added Vitamin B Energy."
Dr. John Marsden, 2005 Laparoscopic surgeon of the year

"I recently had surgery, and this Lap Band Protein is for me. I love it!"
Beverly Parker, Lap Band

"I have lost more weight with this Bariatric Protein than any other. Good Job."
Barry Higgins, Gastric Bypass



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Protein Bullet is dedicated
to producing the #1 tasting Bariatric Protein supplement on the market.

42g of the best tasting protein for Lap Band and Gastric Bypass in 2.8 oz!

Try it and see!

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