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Protein Bullet Shot
  • 42 grams of pure ISOLATE Protein
  • 2300% dv of Vitamin B12
  • New Bullet Bottles!
  • ZERO Fat /
    ZERO Carbs
  • 134 calories
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors

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"Protein Bullet is the Best Protein Shot I’ve ever tried…don't waste your time on any others, I’ve tried them all."
- Jerry Dolnis

"I cannot stomach the other RTD Protein Shots. Protein Bullet tastes great and the packaging is AWESOME!"
- Ashley R.

"The only Protein I’ve ever found that has such a large hit of Vitamin B12. My body is in the best shape it’s ever been since starting the Bullet."
- R.J.


Available through LoneStar


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Bullet Nutrition is dedicated
to producing the #1 tasting most advanced RTD Protein on the market.

Loaded with 42 Grams of Pure ISOLATE Protein and infused with Vit B12.

Try it and see!

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